Some key features.

1) Double conversion online topology provides the highest level of power protection, including protection against surges, spikes, blackouts, brownouts, and line noise.

2) Intelligent battery management system maximizes battery performance and life by intelligently charging and discharging the batteries.

3) Audible alarms notify you of changes in power conditions and potential problems with your UPS.

4) Hot swappable batteries allow you to replace batteries without interrupting power to your equipment.

5) User replaceable batteries allow you to save money on battery maintenance by replacing batteries yourself.

6) Built-in automatic and manual bypass allow you to bypass the UPS for maintenance or in the event of a UPS failure.

7) Compact and lightweight design makes the UPS easy to install and maintain.

8) Wide input voltage range makes the UPS ideal for use in unstable power environments.

9) Pure Sine Wave Technology: Ensures that the output power is as clean and stable as the input power, which is important for sensitive electronic equipment.

  • Capacity: 600VA, 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 5kVA, 10kVA, 20kVA, 300kVA.
  • Input voltage range: 290 to 498Vac.
  • Output voltage: 380/400/415Vac 4-wire plus ground.
  • Output Power Factor: 0.88 to 0.97 with optional filter.
  • Transient recovery time: 20 milliseconds (mac).
  • Overload capability: 105%, 60minutes; 125%,10minutes; 150%, 1 minutes; >150%, <200 millisecond.
  • Load handing capability without kVA derating: 0.5 lagging to 0.9 leading.
  • Frequency stability: ±0.1% (Synchronized with internal clock); ±6% (max)(Synchronized with bypass).
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