Emerson APM UPS 18kW - 90kW

Emerson APM UPS 18kW - 90kW

Some key features.

1) Modularity, with fewer basic building blocks you can build a power source tailored to your needs and ready to evolve with them.

2) Hot swap, up and running in a few seconds thanks to the hot swappable modules.

3) ENERGY EFFICIENCY TM Liebert APM has been designed to deliver the best combination of energy efficiency and availability.

4) APM offers more than power scalability for availability as it also addresses power distribution among the equipment in the data center in a scalable manner.

5) Intelligent Server Power Manager.

6) Built-in maintenance bypass.

7) Built-in distribution switch and manual maintenance bypass.

8) Standalone static bypass module.

9) Unity Power Factor 18 kW module.

  • Capacity: 18kVA, 36kVA, 54kVA, 72kVA, 90kVA.
  • Input voltage range: 380/400/415Vac, 3-phase and 4 -wire.
  • Output voltage: 380/400/415Vac, 3-phase and 4-wire.
  • Power Factor: =0.99 at full load, >0.98 at half load.
  • Inverter overload capacity: 1 hour for 110%; 10 mins for 125%; 1 min for 150%; 200ms for >150%.
  • Bypass input voltage: 380/400/415Vac, 3-phase and 4-wire.
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm): 600 x 1100 x 2000.
  • THDi: Linear full load <3% (battery float charge) Non-liner full load <5% (battery float charge).
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