Emerson Liebert Powerbank (6kVA)

Emerson Liebert Powerbank (6kVA)

Some key features.

1) True on-line double conversion.

2) Wide input voltage range (165v - 265v).

3) Generator compatibility.

4) Inbuilt isolation.

5) Cold start on full load.

6) Extended autonomy up to 2 hours.

7) Inbuilt battery charging current selector.

8) Inbuilt static bypass.

9) Built in input over voltage cut-off device.

  • Capacity: 6kVA.
  • Input voltage range: 176V - 284V.
  • Output voltage: 230V or 400V (configurable).
  • Output Power Factor: 0.99.
  • Runtime: 5 minutes to 70 minutes at full load, depending on the number of batteries installed.
  • Efficiency: Up to 95.5%.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 425X730X550mm.
  • Weight: 72kg.
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