Some key features.

1) Scalable runtime with external battery packs allows you to customize the runtime of your UPS to meet your specific needs.

2) Intelligent battery management system maximizes battery performance and life by intelligently charging and discharging the batteries.

3) Network management capability allows you to remotely monitor and manage your UPS through a web browser or network management system (optional network interface card required).

4) LCD display provides real-time status information about your UPS.

5) Audible alarms notify you of changes in power conditions and potential problems with your UPS.

6) Hot swappable batteries allow you to replace batteries without interrupting power to your equipment.

7) Built-in automatic and manual bypass allow you to bypass the UPS for maintenance or in the event of a UPS failure.

8) 4U form factor allows the UPS to be easily installed in a standard server rack.

9) Smart Slot for remote monitoring and management (optional network interface card required).

  • Topology : Double conversion online.
  • Input voltage range: 176V - 284V.
  • Output voltage : 230V.
  • Output power: 3kVA.
  • Runtime: 5 minutes to 70 minutes at full load, depending on the number of batteries installed.
  • Scalable runtime: Yes, up to 4 external battery packs can be connected for extended runtime Battery type: Sealed lead acid.
  • Battery type: Sealed lead acid.
  • Network management capability: Yes, with optional network interface card.
  • LCD display: Yes.
  • Audible alarms: Yes.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 220mm x 438mm x 651mm.
  • Weight: 69.9kg.
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